We are a relatively small company still, growing faster daily, but as owners, the three of us still try to take on as much of the workload as possible. Whether the reason be because of our passion, we're still to small to hire someone else to do it, or we still have that mentality that we can do it all (trust us, that is fading fast!). Each of us have a part of the company that we take care of, from running the store, working with wholesale accounts, financials, and a plethora of other duties that it takes to run a successful business (and learning of more daily), my "job" or focus is creative and design.

Being the artist for the shirts, designing and building the website, graphics for marketing, and pretty much anything that has to do with visuals, lifestyle shots falls under my vast jurisdiction. Lifestyle shots are the pictures you see of people out in "everyday" life wearing clothing or using the products. And, for BE OREGON, the guy taking those pics is me. A job I love, but am still learning.

One thing you learn is the difficulties of balance between focusing on a shirt and also keeping it natural and bringing the surroundings into the scene to enhance it. Ok, so at this point, I am needing to move on, I am sure I have explained myself enough... so to the point of this blog!

We are constantly getting new products, and when we do, we need to not only take product shots (the pictures you see in the shopping section) but also try to take lifestyle shots. These shots are used for the website, social media and print, so they are pretty important. As a fairly newbie to photography I still have a lot to learn and am always seeking knowledge and skills to "up my game". This weekend I invited a guest photographer to help me out (and by "help me out", I do mean to actually take the pics and I will be there for support :).

Vldn Taylor is nature/landscape photographer from the Pacific Northwest. He has won multiple awards for his work and is not just a great photographer, but also a great guy. While he was visiting (he was on one of his many photography excursions), I asked if he would take some time and team up with us to take some lifestyle shots. The great thing about having Vldn take our shots was, being a nature photographer, he could capture the beauty that is Oregon as well as showcase some of our favorite shirts. 

I left the location up to him, and when I told him I had never been to Smith Rock (which for a resident of Central Oregon that is shameful) he decided that was our destination. The magnificence and shear power of the cliffs and landscape there was awesome. Just reminds you that there are so many amazing places here in Oregon that we take for granted!

It was an honor to be able to shadow such a skilled photographer as well as learn a lot of new skills that I will be applying to my work here at BE OREGON! Be prepared for some beautiful Oregon scenery awesomeness! 

Thanks for reading!

The BE OREGON art guy,


I would also like to thank Jessica Johnson for being our model and even though it was cold and windy and she was wearing just a tee shirt, stayed strong and didn't even complain once (which is more than I can say for myself lol)

Also thank you to Jim and Zach for taking the time to help us out.

Below are some of the shots we took. Follow us on instagram to see more (@beoregon). If you have some awesome shots for us to take a look at, email them to info@beoregon.com or tag us with #beoregon

Also, make sure you check out Vldn Taylor's website for more amazing photographs!