The Truth About Giving Back

"Don't Give To Get, Give To Inspire Others To Give."-Unknown


Be Oregon/541 Threads was founded over 4 years ago with the simple idea of helping feed people in the community from the proceeds of each item sold.


Our goal for the company was simple, build a give back company that provided resources to the community and provided us with the self-employed lifestyle we have always desired. So off we went.


After years of can food drives, free lunch tables in the park, hundreds of products and thousands of dollars donated to food banks across the country something magical started to happen.


Others saw what we were doing and wanted to join the cause

We thought we were building a company that was going to change the face of hunger in our community, little did we know, no one person or company can make that change alone, but a group of businesses and people can.


As our business started to grow friends, family, and strangers started asking questions about starting their own giveback companies or join our cause, musicians, baristas, and several clothing companies. At some point we realized the real power of change comes from inspiring others rather than trying to do it all alone.


Since that time we have made it our mission to be an open book to anyone looking to start a give back company, we love to share our resources, knowledge, and guidance to anybody looking to make a difference in the world.


We are far from pioneers in this space but we want to help as many people possible continue the trend of giving back and make as big an impact as possible.



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