9 Ways You Know You're An Oregonian


1. The thought of drinking a Coors Light or Budweiser makes you sick but you long for a craft beer after a long day recreating.

2. You're a water snob, whenever you leave the state you refuse to drink water from the tap and you feel inclined to tell everyone around you how great the water in Oregon is.

3.You measure distance in time not miles.

4. You compare everything to Oregon to the point you annoy everyone around you.

5. Your closet has more flannels than anything else.


6. You own Beard Oil

7. You knew that the town of Springfield in the Simpsons was based off Springfield Oregon before it was announced to the world.

8. Every parking lot has at least 30 Subaru's at any given time

9. You are super friendly, maybe too friendly, helping strangers is an everyday practice.


Mary Farley

Oregon is truly God’s Country


Oregon is turly God’s Country


Well, I guess I am an Oregonian

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