Who we are!

“BE OREGON” is more than an outdoor company, it is an Oregon lifestyle company. Although we draw our brand from the beauty and openness that is Oregon, our brand knows no state boundaries. We are built around a state of mind and the culture of creating, exploring and embarking on adventure.

With that sense of exploration, 2 guys in 2011 set out to start a shirt company called 541 threads. Patrick Wurtz and Zack Nutter grew a friendship into a business. Later they teamed up with designer Conan Breitmeier and the three of them set out to change the world. And just like the caterpillar grows into a butterfly, 541 threads went through a metamorphosis and has become BE OREGON.

BE OREGON is built on the foundation of appreciating the beauty that surrounds us. Becoming one with it and respecting it. We also are fully committed to the people that live here and enriching the lives around us. That is why for every item sold, we donate meals to Oregonian food banks.

The BE OREGON brand is a way of life. We are here to remind the people, through our brand, that “ADVENTURE AWAITS”


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